Sunday, March 14, 2010

Scrap Camp 2010

hi guys, jasoncmp, radar101 and myself are planning a scrap camp and are wondering if any of you ladies would like to come

when: 18th- 20th June
Where: Turangi
Cost: $50.00 for food and accommodation
What to bring: your scrap stuff and bedding.

we did this a couple of years ago and was great fun, we are planing spot prizes, games and challenges. you wont be bored and we would love to meet you!!!

All so bed are limitedso first in first served, you can contact Kris aka radar101 on he side bar

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  1. Myself and perhaps a couple of others may be interested in coming along. Have you had much response? or have you got enough no's for this year and I'll have to wait until next. Yikes - 3 questions in one