Sunday, December 20, 2009


I have created six lists that correspond to the numbers on a dice. You will throw the dice once for each list and match up the number you rolled on the dice to the number in the list. You can use other paper not on the list as well to match you layout.

First roll
1 stripy paper
2 flowery paper
3 abstract paper
4 themed paper (eg xmas paper,boy paper birthday paper etc)
5 cardstock
6 birhgtly coloured paper

second roll
1 brads or eyelets
2 ribbons or lace
3 pearls or rhinestones
4 chipboard
5 flowers
6 rub ons

third roll
1 stamping
2 punches
3 inking
4 journalling
5 paper folding
6 paper layering

fourth roll
1 circles
2 squares
3 arrows
4 fancy shape
5 half circle
6 paper strips

fifth roll
1 1 photo
2 2 photos
3 3 photos
4 4 photos
5 5 photos
6 6 photos

sixth roll
1 photo matting (can matt seperately or all on one big matt)
2 black and white photos
3 sepia photos
4 small photo or photos (you can choose how small)
5 all photos have to be the same (have to be really creative)
6 one really large photo or if using more than 1 photo the rest can be small

start date today and since its christmas this week ill give you some etra days to get it done so have posted on TMMB by thurs 31st DEC. any questions just ask. the prize draw will be done on this day as well for those who have completed the December challenges.. This months prize is kindly donated by Maz.jeff.

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